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We Build Websites

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We Build Websites

What To Expect

Sky High Visions is a full-service web development agency that offers the individual attention you would get from a freelancer, but with the quality assurance you would expect from an agency.

We are a small team of developers who work with some of the most talented designers and sub-contractors in the industry.

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UX/UI Design


iOS native


Social media

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Our Services


Web Design

We have designed websites for almost every industry out there. We love to think of ourselves as design agnostic. While we love cookies, we don’t believe in cookie cutter designs. We believe that your brand is the hero, and our job as the agency is to be the guide. Some sites are colorful, some sites are monochromatic, but every site is going to put the client first. And the best part? We also offer Unlimited Revisions during the design phase until you are 100% satisfied with every pixel.


Custom Wordpress & Plugin Development

We build custom Wordpress sites that will stand the test of time. Our goal is to find that sweet spot in the Venn diagram. The spot where you get a fully customized front end with the ease of being able to make edits yourself in the backend. All of our sites are built using a developer friendly framework, Sage, paired with ACF based Gutenberg blocks or a Yootheme-based child theme. Based on budget, we can also work with you to create custom plugins specifically for your site, or lean on reputable 3rd party vendors.


Shopify Theme, App & Scripts Development

All of our custom Shopify sites are built using Shopify’s starting framework, or Dawn as a foundation. We pride ourselves on using creative, but sound coding solutions. To work within your budget, and make your e-commerce dreams a reality, we offer pre-purchased themes to lower costs. We also build custom Shopify apps, customize Shopify plus scripts, and build custom in-store POS integrations.


Webflow & Codeless Development

We strongly embrace the new kids on the block and have extensive experience building sites in Webflow and Squarespace. In fact, the words you are reading right now exist on a site that was built using Webflow! While we lean towards Shopify and Wordpress for most solutions that require functionality, Webflow is an incredible option for building sleek sites that lean on animation and smooth transitions.


Custom Full Stack Development

In addition to the major vendors, we also love to build fully custom solutions when the situation calls for it. Our favorite frameworks to use are Laravel or MEVN.


Optimize your site for SEO, Advertising & Social Media

Our goal as a web design and development agency is to do one thing and do it right. All of our sites are built with on page SEO and site speed as a priority. We have built many audience specific landing pages to push the top of funnel traffic lower. We also love to incorporate Instagram or social proof wherever possible in our sites.


White Label Services

Have a digital marketing, SEO or design agency and looking for some help with development? We got you. In addition to one off projects and retainers, we also plug into existing companies as a full-service web development branch. Think of us as the best of both worlds. We are like a full time department when you need us and a ghost when you don’t. Whether it’s three sites every month or one site every three months, we got you covered.

With you every step of the process

We believe in making life-long connections through great communication.

Tim Stoddart
Owner of Copyblogger

"At the end of the day I can rest easy knowing that I can always rely on David and the guys at Sky High Visions to figure it out. They have my back."



We will have an initial interview that discusses your goals, both short term and long term. Following our interview, we will extensively research competitors in the space, propose creative ideas, come up with an SEO strategy and make content recommendations.


We will work together to create your perfect vision for the website. We use tools such as to hone in on every last detail through the feedback process so that nothing is omitted. This process will include unlimited revisions until we are both stoked with the final product.


We will develop your site using a developer friendly starting framework so that there is no unnecessary bloat. Everything is coded specifically for your site and we use a combination of Wordpress’s native Gutenberg blocks and a lightweight plugin called Advanced Custom Fields so that any non-coder can easily update content. We also build this pseudo page builder in a way that decreases the ability for the editor to make errors that would break the site’s design. Think of it as a custom solution that allows all the benefits of a page builder without the drawbacks. Given your budget and goals we also may build a custom Yootheme child theme as well.

Quality Assurance & Launch

At this point, we will be adding the finishing touches. All the content and imagery will be in there. We will be going through the site looking for anything that isn't perfect. It will be tested using a variety of browser emulators and smartphones to ensure that there are no bugs. Lastly, we will ensure that the site is scoring well on Google Page Speed tests and that the on-page SEO is polished. This will also include setting up Google Analytics, submitting the sitemap to Webmaster Tools, connecting the site to Mailchimp, etc. We are a one stop shop to make your website fully integrated and will not leave any stone unturned.

In Addition, The Following Is Included

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User Experience

At Sky High Visions, we strongly believe that catering to your end user is the most important goal. All of our successful digital strategies have put the end user first. If the end user stays on your website and interacts with your content, it opens up tremendous opportunity for your company to capitalize on more engaged traffic, and more invested visitors.

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Website and Web App Development

Any time we are writing software, we do it with the mindset of making the software itself a great foundation for everything that comes after development. If the website or web application that we build doesn’t allow for easy marketing, we may as well not build it. It is crucial for us to think longer term with digital plans that we implement … your success is our success.

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Digital Marketing

You can have the greatest website or web application in the world, but if you can’t get users to it there is not point in having it. We have a data-proven track record of increasing organic traffic to websites. While we specialize in SEO and organic digital marketing, we partner with a few firms that live up to the Sky High Visions standards and handle paid marketing and PPC.

100% Satisfaction guaranteed

Unlimited Design Revisions

If you don't love it yet, we won't build it. Seriously. We will go through as many revisions as needed before approval to ensure your new site is pixel-perfect.

We got your back

30 Days Of Edits

If you need content changed, images switched or simple site edits, you will have 30 days to request such changes. From experience, we know a lot of things sometimes don't come up until after the site is live.

We offer you peace of mind

6 Month Warranty

If there are any bugs or errors that you find post-launch that should have been caught before hand, we'll fix them free of charge.

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